Recommendation: Andrew J. Bright

I would confirm that Mr Emanuel Pelin has worked for Braemar Engineering on the following new building project:

Ship Owner: Bonny Gas Transport

Vessel Type: LNGC

Shipyard: Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje, South Korea

Designation: Lead Hull Inspector

Duration: April 2014 - July 2016

Emanuel has been conscientious and hard-working throughout his time on the project, which has now come to its end after the delivery of 4 LNGCs. His commitment to achieving high quality and productivity without compromising on the owner's standards for HSSE and work ethics has been commendable. He has been an integral part of the team for the successful delivery of the project from start to finish.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Emanuel for employment for site supervision on new building projects, and wish him all the very best for the future.

Andrew J. Bright

Director - Global Marine Projects

Braemar Engineering

Fullbridge Mill



Essex. CM9 4LE


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Recommendation: Vincent Thiebaut

As I was in charge of the FPSO Conkouati Major Repairs project from our Paris headquarters (Marine Department) Mr. Ionel-Emanoil PELIN reported to me and to the Offshore Project Leader. Over the period of time he was contracted to us as a Naval Architect and Steel Work Supervisor I have very much appreciated his technical skills and his efficiency in helping us finding the most suitable solutions within a very constrained environment. His tasks included the onsite supervision of the work carried out by a large number of contactors (blacktrade and painting) supporting the Onsite Project Leader, but also included the preparation of numerous Technical Documents (Scopes of Work, Drawings, Technical notes).

I have recently moved to our UK subsidiary onto a new project. Please feel free to contact me at the bellow contact.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Thiébaut

Integrity Improvement Campaign

Perenco UK

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Recommendation: Richard Jamin

Mr. PELIN Ionel-Emanoil worked for the "FPSO Conkouati Major Repairs Project" of our company from 28 August 2011 till 20 October 2013 as a member of FPSO Conkouati

In particular Mr. PELIN Ionel-Emanoil was a Naval Architect/Steel Superintendent, member of the staff of "FPSO Conkouati Major Repairs Project" and his duties included: prepare technical documents (Scope of Work), set up meetings with FPSO staff and sub-contractors; provide to Project Manager the necessary reporting documents regarding the work progress, manpower allocation, envisage schedule for lifting operation. Provide leadership and direction to the entire teams, set the safety standards and example for the entire teams. Evaluate/comments work performed by the sub-contractors to ensure that the work is being executed in accordance with project specifications, Company standards and regulatory requirements

I appreciate to Mr. PELIN Ionel-Emanoil his technical skills, strong professional knowledge and the team spirit; also Mr. PELIN Ionel-Emanoil had always excellent relations with Class surveyors, FPSO staff and crew and maintained very good cooperation and understanding with sub-contractors and he was respected by all the people involved in "FPSO Conkouati Major Repairs Project".


Richard Jamin

OIM-Off-Shore Installation Manager

FPSO Conkouati


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Recommendation: Dynacom

Mr. Emanoil Pelin worked for the Newbuilding Dept. of our company from beginning of April 2006 till end of June 2007, as a member of Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan Shipyard (S. Korea) Site Office, for the construction of three (3) 150,000 m3 GTT Mark III LNG Carriers Hull Numbers 1719, 1734 and 1748.

In particular Mr. Pelin was member of the Hull Inspection Team of our Site Office and his duties included block inspections, erection joint inspections, scantling verification, alignment checking, welding inspections, deformation correction, tank testing etc.

Mr. Pelin had always excellent relations with our site Manager and the rest of Site Office members while he was respected by all Shipyard Quality Control Managers as well as rest Shipyard personnel and he had also established and maintained very good cooperation and understanding with Class Surveyors.


Manos Migadis

Newbuilding Dept Project Manager

Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd


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Recommendation: Florentin Rotaru

Mr. Pelin Ionel Emanoil has been working in the Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries, Production Engineering Department since 1998 up to 2005. Along the OJT programmers attended in DHI Okpo South Korea.

He builds and maintains good working relationships with his clients and with colleagues.

He has very good teamwork, manifests a spirit of cooperation and comradeship, taking the best approach in his relation to people and in various situations. Finally I appreciate that the experience and knoledge acquired in DMHI and DHI as well as his personal abilities can ensure to Mr. Pelin Ionel Emanoil conditions of asserting himself at a professional level.

Florentin Rotaru

Surveyor DET NORSKE VERITAS Constanta, Romania


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